2016 BBC World Journal Badminton Tournament
  • The 2016 BBC World Journal Badminton Tournament Registration is now open!

    Sign up here:  Registration Link

    Bay Badminton Center at 1191 W. Montague Expressway Milpitas, CA 95035
    Tel 408-942-2888 (facility information only)
    Tournament Director: Contact Jason Liu E-mail: jason@baybadminton.com

    This tournament will have 4 skill levels, (A-Professional/Advanced players , B-Advanced Players, C-Experienced Tournament Players, D-New Tournament competitors).
    Each Skill bracket (A, B, C, D) will have Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles and Mixed doubles.

    Online Registration must be received by November 26, 2016. Late entries will not be accepted. You may also register online at: https://www.baybadminton.com

    Participation in the 2016 BBC World Journal Badminton Tournament is open to all players. USA Badminton membership is not required.
    The entry fee is $30 per person for the first event, and $15 for each event thereafter. Registration is limited to a maximum of 3 events on Saturday and 2 Events on Sunday. Players may play a maximum of 2 flights of any 1 event.

    Awards will be awarded to 1st 2nd, 3rd place, and consolation winners for each flight. Prize money will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place of all A-level flights. Prize money will be dependent of number of entrees.

    Players must provide their own birds. Feathers shuttles must be used.

    1. The tournament will be conducted in accordance with applicable BWF and USAB rules.
    2. Events may be combined or played round robin format if not enough entries are received.
    3. Consolation draws will be held for each applicable event.
    4. Main round matches will be played in the best 2 of 3 games using the BWF Rally Point Scoring System.
    5. Consolation matches will be one game to 21 except for Finals, which will be best 2 out of 3.
    6. Participants will not be allowed to start their first match until all fees are paid.
    7. A strict five minutes default rule will be enforced. A player not ready to play five minutes after his/her match is called will be forfeit by default.
    8. On court warm-ups is restricted to 2 minutes.
    9. Each player in a doubles partnership must submit separate entry forms. Incomplete partnerships will not be guaranteed a spot in the draws.
    10. **NO SANDBAGGING** We have the right to alter your events if we feel like you do not fit in the appropriate flights. Players who make it to the Semis of the higher flight may be disqualified from the lower flight.
    11. Teams must play in the flight of the higher ranked player. Multiple partners ARE allowed.
    12. 2 flights maximum per event. Maximum 5 events per player. No jump flight. (For example, you may play B Womens Doubles (BWD), B Mixed Doubles (BMX), and C Mixed Doubles (CMX). You MAY NOT play BWD, BMX, and DWD.)
    13. Please use your REAL NAME and E-MAIL ADDRESS when signing up. (Confirmation e-mails for entries will be sent out)
    14. Rest time is limited to *15 minutes* There will be no lunch break. Please plan your food runs according to your match time, granted that players must be present 30 minutes prior to their match time.
    15. Mix pairs are only allowed to sign up for Mixed flights.
    16. We will be conducting a 3rd/4th place playoff for applicable flights.
    17. The Tournament Director reserves the right to change any of the above conditions and/or add new regulations as they see fit.

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