• We host different types of tournaments such as charity fund-raising, team building, and national/international. There is one common goal behind all these tournaments – to encourage all levels of players, including recreational, competitive, national and international players to participant. In 2008 and 2009 we hosted many tournaments; such as the Bay Badminton Cup, a team tournament; the Self-Help Charity Tournament, a fund-raising tournament; and the Bay Badminton Annual Championship, an International tournament.  In July 2010, BBC will proudly host the Junior National Competition.

    The Bay Badminton Cup is a team event, which is comprised of players of all levels. Beginners and intermediate players are highly encouraged to participant in this event. The goal of the team event is to have players experience team tournament competition. Coaches and students were encouraged to form teams to compete.

    The Self-Help Charity Tournament is a fund-raising event. The goal is to enhance awareness of both Self-Help for the Elderly and Bay Badminton Center in the Peninsula community, especially among seniors. Proceeds from this event will benefit the San Mateo Senior Center location of Self-Help for Elderly.

    The Bay Badminton Annual Championship is our biggest tournament of the year. We invite players from all over the world, over 300 participate each year. In 2009, we were proud to invite 2005 World Men’s Single Champion, Taufik Hidayat; 2005 World Men’s Double Champion, Tony Gunawan and Howard Bach; and 2001 World Men’s Double Champion, Halim Haryanto to participant this event.

    Bay Badminton Center will continue to host top-level tournaments for all to enjoy. Whether you are a participant or a spectator, the competition is sure to provide fun and entertainment for all.

    Here are the photos from our previous tournaments

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